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Who We Are

The “1800CASHOUT We Buy Houses All Cash” brand was first launched in 2009, and has since become a national brand, recognized by homeowners looking to sell their homes fast.  After spending years branding the company name and perfecting our flip it or list it concept we are now offering exclusive licensing opportunities to real estate professionals and investors. It’s easy to plug in to our “evolutionary” opportunity and take your business to a whole new level.

Realtors, investors, even relators who are investors can now take advantage this newest, hottest and most exciting money-making concept. It’s turnkey and it’s proven.

The company has embarked on a nationwide expansion campaign. At the core of this expansion is the licensing of its brand, flip it or list it concept, proprietary marketing and critical resources. The company expects to have exclusive licenses in each of the 265 area codes by 2020.

One phone call to us will lead to many profitable phone calls for you! Schedule a call for an in-depth comprehensive overview of the concept. You’ll learn how you can quickly license and launch successfully in your area whether you’re a realtor, investor or both.